, MM

Might and Magic III . . ( ).

A1 - A4

Area A1 Fountain Head Fountain Head Cavern Ancient Temple of Moo

Area A2 Baywatch Baywatch Cavern Castle Whiteshield

Whiteshield Dungeon Area A3 Halls of Insanity Area A4
B1 - B4

Area B1 Cyclops Cavern Slithercult Stronghold Area B2

Fortress of Fear Area B3 Dark Warrior Keep Cathedral of Carnage

Area B4 Wildabar Wildabar Cavern Castle Bloodreign

Bloodreign Dungeon Arachnoid Cavern    
C1 - C4


Area C1 Area C2 Area C3 Area C4

Castle Greywind Greywind Dungeon    
D1 - D4


Area D1 Cursed Cold Cavern Area D2 Area D3

Blistering Heights Blistering Heights Cavern Area D4 Castle Blackwind

Blackwind Dungeon      
E1 - E4


Area E1 Castle Dragontooth Dragontooth Dungeon Area E2

Swamp Town Swamp Town Cavern Area E3 Area E4

The Magic Cavern      
F1 - F4


Area F1 Dragon Cavern Area F2 Tomb of Terror

Area F3 The Maze from Hell Area F4  


Main Control Sector Forward Storage Sector Central Control Sector Aft Storage Sector

Alpha Engine Sector Main Engine Sector Beta Engine Sector  
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