Air Elemental

Summoned by Wizards to protect their fortresses and secret treasures, these forces of nature attack with Air-based physical attacks. They have also been known to attack using the Sparks spell at varying degrees of mastery. Greater Air Elementals can also attack with Lightning Bolt and Implosion spells, presenting a serious problem to those that attempt to defeat them.


Though they rarely descend to the lands of Erathia, Archangels will occasionally appear to right grievous wrongs or to aid a devout follower of the ways of Light. They are welcome allies and fearsome opponents, possessing enormous power in both their blades and their ability to channel the raw power of Light. Archangels are vulnerable to the powers of Dark and physical attacks, but resistant to all else.

Bandit (Fighter in Leather)

The bandit is a fighter wearing light armor and specializing in fighting merchants and other non-combatants. More a bully than anything else, bandits can prove dangerous when massed together, as their bravery is proportional to their numbers. Some bandits are skilled enough to steal items from their opponents, though these types of bandits are rare.



Terrible creatures of the Underworld, these creatures of sheer physical violence vent their anger at any creature that they see. Behemoths physically charge any opponent, destroying armor and rending the victim limb from limb.

Clerics of the Sun


Clerics of the Sun worship the powers of Light and Nature. Generally good natured, these Clerics are rumored to be helpful to those whose beliefs are similar to their own. Beware their wrath if you offend them, however. Clerics of the Sun can attack physically or by using the forces of Light to cast Light Bolt or Paralyze. Clerics of the Sun are immune to the forces of Light.



The supreme king of beasts, Dragons are actually rather reclusive, preferring to spend time amongst their own kind rather than meddle in the affairs of humans, elves, and other creatures. The stories of their hoards are legendary, second only to the stories of their vast destructive power. Their physical attacks with claw and fang, their breath weapon, and their magical ability are all more than powerful enough to level a town. In addition, very few attacks will seriously hurt a Dragon.



Dwarves are a short, underground race. Though surly and sometimes accused of avarice, dwarves make strong allies and are generally impassive in both extreme adversity and fortune. Though their main homeland has been in constant strife since the ascendance of the Warlocks and their underground armies, they still represent a power in Erathian politics both due to their mining and crafting. Their deficiencies in magic are more than made up for in their strength and endurance. Dwarves also have some resistance to earth and fire magic.



The elves of Avlee have lived in an extremely militaristic society since the first Timber War. Due to this, almost all elven males are in the Avlee army, and male peasants are extremely rare. Females handle most domestic chores and manage most of the shops in the towns of Avlee. Elven warriors possess excellent fighting ability because of their lifelong training in the military arts, an advantage they need against the numerically superior human forces.

Giant Rat


The giant rat is very similar to its smaller cousin. Though not normally aggressive, the giant rat will certainly attack if provoked or if its territory is threatened. Giant rats pose about as much danger as a medium sized dog, but beware of their razor sharp teeth-they can pierce soft clothing and leather easily, and will do serious damage to flesh. Also, rats commonly spread disease with their piercing bites.

Goblin Peasants


These peasants of the Goblin tribes go about their lives as any people would. Working in taverns and shops to earn a living.



Found in both Erathia proper and Bracada, Griffins are fiercely independent creatures with the occasional appetite for humans. Griffins are easily strong and agile enough to carry a rider, and are prized mounts for commanders because of their speed and the visibility of the battlefield offered from their backs. However, it is a rare event for one of any race to actually befriend a griffin, though once you have earned a griffin's loyalty, it is a friend for life.



A strange, snake-like creature with multiple heads found mainly in the Warlock area of Nighon. Hydras are apparently a creation of the Warlocks, like minotaurs and beholders and manticores. Hydras have a breath weapon attack similar to- though not nearly as strong as- a dragon's. Also, hydras can poison its unlucky victim with its bite, or shatter the armor with its powerful strikes.

Knight (Fighter in Plate Armor)


Knights are the elite of the human military. Their plate armor and swords are crafted with the highest quality craftsmanship and material, and they have the skill to use both effectively. No single warrior can match the fury of an angry knight, and most knights know a few special, devastating attacks with their weapons. Knights are slightly resistant to most magic, though less to air and fire.



These foul creatures are the result of those that would bargain their very souls for the chance at immortal life. Almost all liches are powerful spellcasters, as they have had as long as they need to perfect their craft. Liches are the elite of the elite in Necromancer society, and because their intelligence and ambition is no longer constrained by any human emotion or conscience, they are remorseless enemies. Though vulnerable to Light magic, they are resistant to most other forms of magic and possess offensive and defensive spells.



Masters of the Unarmed physical attack, Monks are followers of the powers of Light. Employing spells from Mind, Spirit and Body, the Monks are powerful foes if angered. Monks are somewhat resistant to Light magic, but affected by all other types.

Saracen (Fighter in Chainmail)


Dressed in chainmail and wielding a cutlass, the saracen is basically a mercenary. Their loyalties lie with whomever paid them last. As fragile as they may seem, they are capable of delivering great damage quickly with skilled, strong swings of their cutlasses. They have no appreciable magic resistance, though some saracens have been noted to possess strong resistance to spells from the school of Mind.

Skeleton Warrior


The lowest caste of warriors animated by Necromancers, skeletons are just that- the animated bones of the once dead. Skeletons exist only to serve their Necromancer masters, and will follow any commands, no matter how self-destructive they may be. Though not incredibly strong, they have otherworldly endurance, and their single-minded attacks with a blatant disregard for their own well-being makes them dangerous opponents.



A master of the blade, the swordsman can be found as guard, adventurer, and opponent. They are highly skilled in the use of a sword, capable of breaking their opponent's weapons with a well-placed blow. Although they are not generally aggressive, rogue swordsmen do exist and make tough opponents. Swordsmen have only slight resistance to the various magics.


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